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In the Breaking Fences project, we have set the endeavor to implement a norm-lab as a novel set of educational activities addressing and visualizing educational efforts related to norm-consciousness. The Norm-lab is a defined analog and digital visible surface of reflexivity in relation to social norms and health that offers participants the chance to reflect and contribute to the matter.

Meetings in Portugal Braganca

The Breaking Fences project will be in Braganca Portugal this the summer (10-14 June) to build a Norm-Lab together with students in course activity Norm-Consciousness and Health. Increased elements of Norm Consciousness are an resource-efficient way to strive towards healthcare equality and social sustainability in society.

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New Research from BF members on teaching norm-critical perspectives:

New Research published by Breaking Fences members in the journal Nurse Education Today shows that teachers who are facing the task of providing norm-critical, practical education to nursing students are ambivalent towards the core principles of norm criticism, which they conceive as natural and provoking, at the same time. The article stresses that there is a need to un-dramatise norm criticism and better prepare teachers in how to use it. Teachers would benefit from follow-up activities and formal collaborations regarding norm-critical teaching, so that they are given context to discuss, reflect, and learn from each other.

BF participated in the SASUF Research & Innovation Week

In Sweden, 13-17 May 2024 with presentations of how to Implement a norm-creative lab in health education to promote equity and social sustainability Over 400 conference participants visited the poster and some also gave comments to the online contributions on how to break fences that was available through the poster QR codes!

Completed seminars/workshops

Tuesday, May 14 Breaking Fences project carried out a Norm-lab event at University West Campus in Trollhättan. The event posed the question to the workshop participants: What is a norm lab, and how can it be effectively utilized for health students?

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