Breaking Fences

Our projects

Our projects seek to establish Breaking Fences as a focal point for educational resources regarding issues connected to social norms and health by utilizing norm- critical and norm-creative approaches that can bring the knowledge forward in Europe and the world.

1. Normlabs

Build a Norm Lab model for students, educators, professionals civic org. to meet and reflect norm awareness Health sciences education and Health Care practices across Europe.


2. courses

Create and develop Norm Awareness learning materials and course designs for students and practitioners in Health sciences education. 

24 of April 2024 the course “Norm-Consciousness and Health” in the Breaking Fences project starts with 15 enrolled students from our partner universities in Sweden, Czech Republic, and Portugal. In this pilot course teachers and students will work together to develop norm-creative approaches that can form new sets of co-created educational tools and approaches to be used regarding these questions for health students in Europe. -Check in for updates or follow the process in social media


Manage a Trans European Community of practice for educators/stakeholders and civic organizations to innovate norm awareness in health science education and practice.